There is a group of instructors who take the beginning pilots through a planned course of instruction.  In the early spring they determine when they will be available and how they want the students to arrange for instruction. Usually the student and instructor agree on a time to meet at the field. Novices who are not paired with an instructor may ask a member at the field if they would be willing to help them.

Under NO circumstances should you attempt to fly if you have not had instruction or demonstrated your proficiency to a qualified club member.

Students should come prepared to fly. Your batteries should be fully charged. It is very disappointing to be unable to fly because you have failed to charge up the night before. Don't forget to bring everything you need to fly: flight box, fuel, transmitter, starting battery, etc. and oh yes - the wing!

When you get to the field your instructor will help you get started. If you have never flown before he will explain what you are going to do. Together, you will give the plane a pre-flight inspection to insure it is safe to fly. Next you will range check the radio. Then you may do some ground practice to get the feel of the controls. Finally, the big moment: takeoff! For the first few flights the instructor may do much of the flying. As you begin to get comfortable with the plane you will do more and more. Once you have learned how to control the plane in the air, you will begin to learn landing approaches. Eventually you will be taking off and landing the plane yourself.

After you have performed five successful solo flights you will be given your "wings" and allowed to fly at the field without an instructor.

Any member is invited to participate in the beginner's program. You might not have flown for a while and need some help or you might want to learn some advanced techniques. Whatever the reason it is always fun to learn something new!

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